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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Egg on our face?

Eggs, glorious eggs, hot tofu and cheese, while we're in the mood...yes, the theme to that catchy song from "Oliver" should be playing as I muse about eggs.

It's true, as a vegetarian - not a vegan - eggs are the wonderful answer to my protein needs and I am sure I eat more than the recommended weekly allowance. The only thing I think I like more are the incredible salad sandwiches that George makes for me.

But I digress as the important issue here is eggs.

I finally learned from Trader Joe's what is means when their egg cartons say "cage free."

It means:

"That the birds are not kept in cages. They are held in warehouse-sized enclosures with free access to food and water. There are no hormones, antibiotics are used to treat specific illnesses and they are fed an all-vegetarian diet."

The question that I don't have an answer to is whether these enclosures are better or worse than other ways of keeping hens and whether it give the birds a better life. Do they fight more in such an enclosure (it's not called a pecking order for nothing) or do they get to dance about making friends and enemies the way they would in a barnyard?

What I am hoping is that someone out there know the answers to these questions.

We can read every Web site about egg farms - the horror of some of these places is unspeakable - but what about the places that try hard to make life easier for the little layers?

I don't want to give up eggs. But I do hope someone can help with this conundrum: does cage free go far enough?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More yogurt yearnings

I am not alone in my adoration of yogurt! Now, it's time to make my own.

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