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Friday, November 21, 2008

Talking turkey not always pretty


I saw a news show last night during which Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is interviewed at a turkey farm, while a worker slaughters turkeys in the background. I am NOT taking a political stance here, but will point out that Palin was widely criticized for doing the interview with the bloody deaths occurring behind her.
To this, I ask: why?
Why should everyone not see exactly how their Thanksgiving dinner gets to the table? I do not begrudge anyone their turkey dinner; in fact the one thing I can honestly say I miss the most as a vegetarian is my mom's Thanksgiving turkey. She still has the wonderful holiday at her house, I bring the Tofurkey.
Amidst all this gnashing of teeth over Sarah and the turkey farm, I say: get real.
I wholly disagree with many (if not all) of Palin's stances, including the truly horrific and evil practice of shooting wolves from the air.
But if there is anything foul about the outcry over dead fowl, it is that anyone should try to pretend killing animals for food is not a brutal and often messy process. For all of the faults I see in Palin's policies, at least I can't fault her for not shying away from the bloody truth. No one should.

This is a link to the interview during which Palin stands in front of a turkey slaughtering operation. It is very graphic, so be forewarned.



Anonymous student at scsu said...

I have always thought you shouldn't eat it if you can't kill it and cook it yourself. However I myself don't live by this motto, maybe I should consider some tofurkey next thanksgiving.

November 30, 2008 12:36 PM 

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