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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A shot and a chaser

I vaguely recall my mother telling us stories about her mother – my dear Grammie, (she was uber cool and a pic of her is below) who would have turned 107 this year on June 24 and I still miss her – making her kids take shots of cod liver oil.
Yuck. But it seems like Grammie was probably right, as fatty acids are all the rage – try Googling omega-3s and see what happens.

But what’s a vegetarian to do? There is no fish Friday in the calendar of a veggie – (yes, Grammie had that too) or any fish day for that matter.

While not every health expert agrees that taking supplements is necessarily the right thing to do, I have chosen to take some. One of them is flax oil.

But if you look at the label of most flax oil ‘pill’ supplements, they contain gelatin. This is not a vegetarian substance as it is made from parts of animals.

So what is the answer?

Various stores have flax oil in a bottle. No pills, no gelatin, no animals.

Just a shot and a chaser.


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