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Friday, March 16, 2012

Dark Shadows Trailer: Are we ready for the return of this Johnny Depp vampire clan?

OK. So my husband watched Dark Shadows.
He talks about what were likely titillating terror-filled afternoons as a kid when the show was on way before the sun went down.
I am just young enough to have missed it. Plus my mother hardly ever let us watch TV. Sigh.
Seems a little creepy and over sexed to me, anyway but heck have you seen what still plays on soap operas during the day?
We had one on on the newsroom big screen the other day (no sound and on for only news breaks!) and my boss called out 'don't look' when a kid passed through the room. And I heard the 'B' word on a network show that was on for all of a minute it my house the other night. Gross.
But I digress. Back to the undead.
What's not to love about the undead? And yes, I have been utterly in love with Steven Moyer since HBO launched "True Blood."  (Speaking of sexy)
Yet various machinations of blood sucking lovers have always captivated us for generations long before the handsome lot from Bon Temps drew us to Louisiana.
So fast forward from the 60s and Barnabas Collins is back.

A blog on the HuffPo says "Depp brings just the right bit of eccentricity" to the role.

Be still my heart.

The movie opens May 11.

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