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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why do we beware the Ides of March?

I was born in March so the fact that we need to beware anything in this month has never set right with me.

But according to this post on the Washington Post, I might have to change my mind. Might, I add.

So yeah yeah yeah Julius Caesar met his end that day - but should superstition reign?

I am not superstitious - I even love the number 13.

But should I beware the Ides of March? Would that not depend on what occurs today? Or would what occurs today simply be a coincidence?

Good and bad things happen every day.

Maybe I'll check back in on this tomorrow.

Meanwhile, have you celebrated the other happy event in March? To get in the St. Patrick's Day spirit (and I will herein lay claim to my Scanlon and Lynch grandmother, also a Helen and rather a bad ass on her own - see photo at right for proof) check out this great slideshow.

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