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Monday, March 2, 2009

What's better than bacteria?

I think I am addicted.
To yogurt.
Is this possible? Can we get bitten by the bacteria bug? I think so, as I crave yogurt these days even more than I do chocolate.
This might sound perplexing as chocolate is definitely one of nature’s perfect foods, especially the kind that come with very little milk or sugar in it and without the labor of children forced to picks the beans.
Ah, but I must not digress – the topic here is yogurt and I now hereby swear by the stuff. I had grown away from yogurt for a time, both because I tend to be sensitive to milk products and because I had been trying to wean myself from using any animal-based products.
It was not a good idea for me to stray.
Then, some weeks ago, when I had had a stretch of not feeling so hot – nothing specific, just a general blah feeling and some intermittent nausea and upset stomach. Around the same time, I picked up one of the numerous “health” magazines that float around my gym and spotted a short piece on the benefits of making sure your digestive tract has a good quantity of the right kind of bacteria floating (or whatever it is those little one-celled friends of ours do) in your intestinal tract.
It worked. I do not pretend to have any knowledge of the real (medical) reason that yogurt and its active cultures and probiotics make our bodies happy, but for me it does.
I felt better within days.
Yogurt, I will never leave you again. I now even dabble sometimes with your cousin, kefir. (cultured milk)
While I am now eating yogurt made from low fat milk at least once a day, it does also come in a soy based formula that would be appropriate for vegans. Either way, it tastes yummy and all that bacteria make it even better.


Blogger classy pony said...

Hi Helen! Just catching up on your blog, which I love. As I read the yogurt story I was eating a large bowl of pineapple and raspberries swimming in soy yogurt. I am addicted, and eat it every day, sometimes twice. I can't stop, and I order two cases of soy yogurt from my food coop every month, and I still run out before the next delivery. I am positive I am physically addicted, but I know there are worse things that could happen to me. Just wanted you to know you are not alone! And that vegans can also have serious yogurt attachment problems as well as regular vegetarians. . .
Keep up the good work!
Kathleen Schurman

April 13, 2009 9:44 AM 

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