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Friday, January 25, 2008


Armed with a generous gift card from my boyfriend's parents, I descended upon Barnes and Noble this afternoon in search of the perfect vegetarian cookbook. And left empty-handed (well, I bought a book of short stories).

Maybe it was because I wasn't hungry or because the books didn't have pictures, but none of the dozen or so vegetarian cookbooks I paged through caught my eye.

Now, I am not desperate. I will eat if I don't buy a new cookbook. In addition to my notebook full of recipes pulled from magazines and photocopied from library books, I own two true cookbooks. But neither are specifically for vegetarians, meaning that nearly all of their "entree" recipes have meat as the main attraction--so no good. And I'm in the mood for something new.

So I'm seeking recommendations. What vegetarian cookbook(s) have served you well? I'm looking for recipes that are not too complicated, use ingredients I can locate in Super Stop & Shop, and can be prepared in under an hour.

I eagerly await your responses!


Anonymous baa said...

Try Bloodroot for their receipe books. They have a number of them and I believe they are all called Political Palate 1 and 2
In case you are not aware it is a vegetarian restaurant in Bpt.

February 01, 2008 2:10 PM 
Blogger Jennifer Butler said...

best ever and easiest-Vegetarian Pleasures, and Quick Vegetarian Pleasure by Jeanne Lemlin. or the horn of the moon books are great, as well as The Vegetarian Times Vegetarian Entertaining.

February 15, 2008 3:40 PM 
Anonymous naneharvey said...

Here are some more suggestions. As a confirmed carnivore I think one can never have too many vegetarian cookbooks -- perverse you say? Actually I've had delicious meals from all of the following:

Veganomicon -- by Moskowitz and Romero. Interesting vegan dishes, good dairy alternatives, and a wry (not rye) sense of humor.

Moosewood Restaurant's books -- the first is a classic, but all are good.

Greens -- by Deborah Madison. This has some great recipes from a well-established vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco.

Field of Greens, by Annie Somerville, is a follow-up to Greens.

March 07, 2008 12:47 PM 

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