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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Totally Raw Picnic, right here in New Haven

What a menu

Mary Lawrence, author of the blog, The Traveling Vegan Chef at recently held quite a shindig in New Haven - it had an entirely raw vegan menu using fresh, seasonal produce sourced from local farm markets and gardens.

Her blog and Web site should be checked out as her intent is: "Well on Wheels is Connecticut's premier vegan personal chef service providing fresh organic whole foods cuisine prepared in your home kitchen. We help make healthy eating easy for people too busy to cook."
In the photo, published here with Mary's permission, she speaks to the crowd at the picnic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there and the food and the atmosphere were incredible. Just walking through the garden and eating Mary Lawrence's food made me feel closer to nature.

August 06, 2009 9:17 PM 

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