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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's on your plate?

Do you LVTOFU?

Yes, the question is whether you love tofu. Whether you do or you don't, you better not love it too much in Colorado.
It seems a woman there who wanted to profess her love for the bean curd wanted to do it through a vanity license plate that read: ILVTOFU.
The folks that regulate motor vehicles out in the Centennial State, however, decided that that combination of letters might be seen as something other than a statement by an enthusiastic vegan. The first time I looked at, I saw what she did - I love tofu. They saw something that folks might misread, according to news reports.
Now, I am a little familiar with that part of the country, as my sister has lived in Colorado for about 10 years. It's a great place to visit. But it's also a place where meat seemed to me to be king. Before I came over to the side of the light, as a vegetarian, I even some years ago ate a buffalo burger in Denver.
Is there a dark plot to promote more meat eating in this decision by the Colorado DMV? Probably not. But is there some silliness in assuming people would see some nasty or naught in the tofu plate?
You know what they say about assuming.

Read the full tofu-gate story from one publication here


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