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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lucy's Cookies and other musings

Starbucks is officially back in my good graces.
All it took was a pleasant smile from the young man working in the Orange coffee shop today. (Take that, Woodbridge Starbucks)
But truthfully, it was not just the nicety that got me; he also pleasantly showed me the Lucy's Cookies, which I sought after a wonderful comment on Vegging Out let me know that the gluten free, dairy free cookies are vegan too.
But it got better.
When I asked this young man for soy milk, he handed my a big container of it and informed me there was no extra charge when it is simply added to a regular cup of coffee. This was good news as rumor had it that soy milk was always an extra charge.
Score 2 for vegans in this store today.
Coming tomorrow: my vegan shopping trip to Trader Joe's, or more accurately, news of the trip that should have come before this vegan plunge, not after it.

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Blogger Mary Lawrence said...

To prepare for your trip to Trader Joe's, you can print out the handy list of TJ products that are vegan right from their website. Here's the link:

February 21, 2010 10:54 AM 

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