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Friday, February 5, 2010

Not Just Recipes

Turns out Facebook is the place for vegetarians too.

There are a number of groups that allow veggies and vegans to gather and chat and share cooking lore. One has almost 10,000 members.

I am now a fan of one group in which I met I "met" Rich Heiser.

Rich makes it happen.

He has a Web site and a Facebook page devoted to the vegetarian lifestyle and both contain not only recipes, but interviews and other useful information. It's no wonder he calls them both Not-Just-Recipes.

His Not=Just=Recipes Web site is "Your source for great vegetarian recipes. Simple vegetarian recipes - vegetarian dinner ideas, vegetarian lunch ideas - from breakfast to dessert. You'll find tips on cooking that promote a healthful, compassionate lifestyle," it says.

But, "You'll find more than just vegetarian recipes; there are vegan recipes as well as cooking videos and articles and information that will inform you and help you choose a healthier lifestyle."

Choosing a more healthful lifestyle is something everyone should strive for and for vegetarians staying informed is a key to making the right choices.

The Web site, amid a number of features, also offers a place for folks to share their stories and experiences, which I think is a great idea.

Thanks Rich for all you do.

The site is here: Not-Just-Recipes

The Facebook page can be found at the link I pasted here. The caveat, of course, is that to see that site, you have to join Facebook. If you are already a member, or do join, please friend me and let me know Vegging Out sent you!

P.S. For the Twitter family out there, I tweeted this story two. That seems like a full circle. See me @newsgirlct

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