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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting by with a little help from our friends

I can’t help but do another shout out to Lauren,
While it’s always great to have a co-worker who supports our endeavors - especially those that others might think are a little nutty - Lauren has proved to be an incredible source of support during this vegan trial. And frankly, I should have said ‘a lot nutty’ in terming how many people are reacting to this vegan trial.
But not only does Lauren come prepared and with research and facts in hand, her enthusiasm is contagious.
Plus, she can cook.
Lauren has brought in some of her creations several times for me to try - and let’s face it - on late nights in the office when the cafeteria is long closed - her meal size containers of things for me to “try” have kept me going.
I hope to figure out a way to repay Lauren in kind - but so far nothing I have made has been worth sharing. I will, however, keep trying.
Meanwhile, thanks Lauren.


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