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Sunday, March 18, 2012

How great are people? And who is Prometheus?

Pretty great. More on Prometheus later.
Why great?
Because when I was driving through downtown New Haven Saturday, a fellow motorist took the time to pull up alongside me and tell me I had a flat tire. And it was St. Patrick's Day.
So after a quick drop off of one daughter, another daughter and I had to pull in a block later to the parking lot at the corner of College and George.
It sure was flat.
What to do? Hubby could not be reached; a tow would cost God knows how  much. ($150 or more?)
So then super woman (daughter of steel) has an idea: Ask the folks at College Street Cycles to borrow a bike pump.
They let us borrow it, no questions asked and with only a promise to bring it back!
Hilarity ensued -  (ever try to pump up a car tire with a bike pump?) but we got it inflated in about 15 minutes - and got the bike pump back to the shop before it closed! Then off for the big fix...thank you!
So kids, look around - there's a lot of unpleasant acts taking place in this world; but good people abound too.
Now to Prometheus - who apparently was the god of forethought.(get the connection?)
Further, however, there's a movie coming out by the same name and lots of cinephiles are positing that it is an "Alien" sequel.
What do you think?

File photo is by Melanie Stengel

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