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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More on the joys of tofu

Thanks to our readers for recommending tofu produced by The Bridge of Middletown, CT. I've tried it twice now and am pleased to report it is delicious and as satisfying to me as the Ithaca Soy tofu I wrote about a couple weeks ago. And best of all, it's readily available at Edge of the Woods in New Haven, and Mrs. Green's market near where I live in Fairfield.

I also found a new and exciting way to enjoy tofu: grilled. On Friday evening, my (one and only) vegan friend came over for dinner and we decided to enjoy the nice weather and grill on our patio. I brought out the usual veggie burgers and corn, but also decided to try grilling up some tofu. I cut the Bridge tofu into thick slices, and pressed it under a heavy pot to drain out some of the water. Then I simply coated the grill top with cooking spray and put the tofu on.

It was delicious! I served it with a peanut dipping sauce, which was nice, but the texture of the tofu--crispy on the outside, soft on the inside--and the smoky flavor was perfect on its own. Next time I'll try marinating the tofu in a sauce before I grill it. Got any suggestions? This is one food I plan to enjoy all summer long.

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