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Monday, March 19, 2012

First day of spring! Oh lovely day in Greater New Haven

It's almost the first day of spring! And what was I doing on this lovely, sunny morning in these parts?
No, I was not out for a walk or basking in the the warmth of the day.
I was getting my flat tire fixed. Nix, that - I was getting my flat tire replaced. (read earlier post about said flat tire - which the first place I took it to said it had nothing wrong with it.)
Wrong - it was going flat again today - which I noticed on the way to work. Sigh.
Off to Town Fair I went. All better now.
But meanwhile, why not get out and enjoy this lovely day -put aside thoughts of rising sea levels and climate change - at least for a few moments.
P.S. In case you did not recall, it's spring tomorrow, according the Capital Weather Gang blog on the Washington Post's website because "...the sun’s rays will shine directly overhead at the equator, which results in about 12 hours of daylight and darkness at all latitude."
Happy days!
And if you send me spring photos, I will share them here!

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