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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Mike Daisey dilemma

He loves us; he loves us not.
Whoops, wrong daisy test
In the case of this Daisey, should it be we trust him; we trust him not?
HuffPo writer  Chelsea Carmona says in a story with the headline "Busted: Mike Daisey Caught Red-handed" that his "apology wasn't quite as convincing" as the one given by the public radio program Daisey allegedly duped over what he saw of conditions at an Apple factory in China.
No one is having a fun time with this one.
NPR posted on its site that it was "retracting a story based on Mike Daisey's monologue, "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs" ... because further reporting "turned up fabrications in Daisey's story." What a bummer this is for the station; I feel terrible about it. Here is more of what was said.

This is apparently what Daisey had to say about it and its theatrical nature in The Guardian.
Art or journalism. how does this happen?

I don't know.
But I do know that in a local market for local news any exaggeration or misrepresentation would get called as a foul right away. The public - and rightly so - are our watchdogs. When  it comes to our newsrooms, other transgression - thankfully few and far between - also are not tolerated. The regrettable instances of plagiarism in Connecticut this past year were met by Journal Register Co. Connecticut Group Editor Matt DeRienzo with the right action: the writers were fired.
Here's Matt's  blog on  fact-checking and accountability. The system is designed to provide openness.
And every online story has these words at the end: See inaccurate information in a story? Other feedback and/or ideas for us to consider? Tell us here.

And we mean it. If we did not get something right, we want to know about it.



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