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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seeking vegetarian recipes

Do I dare admit it?
Sometimes being a vegetarian can be boring.
I take full responsibility for this, as I know I work very hard and have lots of non-work responsibilities too but that’s no excuse. Lots of folks balance it all, grow their own food and eat well without taking shortcuts.
I take shortcuts.
That means not many breakfasts made in my house. At least not by me. Don’t get me wrong - I love pancakes as much as the next person - but think of all those carbs. Plus, the five people who live there are all on different schedules and any cooking is usually done late and never early.
So if I am going to make something vegetarian lately, fast and simple is the key word in any recipe. And I am trying to avoid - for now anyway - anything that contains wheat or yeast. (including cereal)
That means egg-white omelettes are a staple - with lots of veggies tossed in. I tend to buy frozen, then mix them up and store overnight in fridge, so they cook quickly if I make something in the morning.
Yet, there is nothing so exciting in a veggie omelette.
Especially if that also serves as dinner. And if often does, if my older daughter, who is a kitchen whiz, decides not to make one of her specialties, such as vegetarian curry.
That brings me to the point of this post.
Does anyone have a quick and easy vegetarian recipe they would like to share?
If so, send it along to and we will post it here.
We know there are lots of committed vegetarians out there and we would love to share what you know.

And what you eat!


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