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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Still veggie after all these years?

Is it ever possible for a vegetarian to try meat again and then return to a wholly vegetarian diet?
I am not sure.
But one of my children, who has been a vegetarian by her own moral choice since age 5decided recently to try meat on occasion.
It did not make her ill, something that surprised me. She has been a vegetarian much longer than I have been; since she made that choice, I have supported her in the most healthful way possible. I never so much as used a spoon to mix a vegetarian dish that had been used in a meat dish.
But now, about 13 years later, she is exploring her options. Again, as I did so many years ago, I fully support her decision.
She says she is likely to go back sometime soon to being a full vegetarian.
I'll suppport her again then too.
But this time, it's likely to be with a bigger smile.


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