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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Etch A Sketch - Romney campaign comment brings backs memories

I am not sure I ever had an Etch A Sketch.
But I always wished I did. (My kids did, but I was not prone to playing with one by then)
There was something so brilliant about a device that would allow you to create or 'sketch', as it were, and then with a quick shake make it all go away. (Truth be told, I am no artist!)
But if you recall, like I do from my kids' version of the device, there often were times when the "toy" reached a certain point of use that shaking did not quite take away the image you had sketched.
There's the rub.
Like an Etch A Sketch, this comment by a Romney campaign adviser (CNN story) does not seem to be going away.
According to many news stories, the adviser used the Etch A sketch reference in a remark about the campaign starting all over at some points, the Christian Science Monitor reports, when it comes to taking on Obama in the fall.
Just like an Etch a Sketch screen where the images stick permanently after a time,  this comment is sticking out in news stories about the campaign.

Here's the video.



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