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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mauritania by way of Facebook. Thank you CNN. Thank you Angi.

I am so very grateful to my friend and co-worker Angela Carter for sharing a link to CNN's story about slavery in Mauritania.
I had seen the story and was aware of the terrible news it would contain; I had not yet clicked on it to read it.
But when Angi shared it on Facebook, there it was before me and there was no more postponing reading it.
To described it here in detail not only would take away from what CNN did, but would also denigrate the utter humanity of it.
Read it.
Be rightly horrified. Be inspired.
Learn from it.
My point in posting it here is not simply to provide another conduit for it to be spread, but to laud my friends and co-workers for being those who share the news we need.
When a respected person shares a story, it helps us to focus on it - the weight of that person's concern also adds weight to our choices.
Thank you Angi.

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