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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snow White & The Huntsman - are we past it yet?

Give me a break.
Charlize Theron as a wicked queen? Since when do wicked queens look like that?
We all know wicked witches are green so shouldn't wicked queens be a little less lovely than Charlize?
But that's not my real issue here.
I'm all for kick ass heroines who learn to kick to save themselves.
That's apparently a theme in this upcoming film that everyone is talking about.
But when will we get past expressions such as 'snow white'?
It's a clear reference to virginity and therefore insulting in it's own way as it appears to exalt her virginity.
I am also all for everyone approaching sex in a responsible way, but in 2012 do we still need to place a woman in a special place due to her sexual status? Call her a name connected to sexual status?
Woman are sexual beings just as much as men. Everyone knows it, so why do we cling to these archaic themes?
It seems a story hatched by the Brothers Grimm still has some staying power when it comes to that.
My hope for this film is that the war between the young beauty and the queen is more about politics or power issues than in is about who is sexually active and cute.

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