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Monday, May 7, 2012

Andy Griffith: Goober is dead and that is sad

But do I dare be honest about my feelings about the Andy Griffith show? Especially given the news that 'Goober' has died.
Probably not.
But I know my dad got a kick out of it. So did my Uncle Jack. I recall them talking about it once, and at least they agreed on one thing: Don Knotts was the really funny one.
It may well have been the only thing they ever agreed on.
But Goober?
That was a character I do not recall them discussing.
And I had to look up a photo of George Lindsey to recall who he was. I am just barely young enough that I largely would have missed the first incarnation of Andy et al.
But when I did see it, honestly, I found it irritating. Shame on me, my son told me last night that I find most TV irritating.
But rest in peace Goober. You clearly brought many people a lot of joy over the years. Heck, I just read that the character lasted until 1993.

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P.S. On Don Knotts, I think one of earliest memories I have as a very little kid is seeing 'The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.' (Thanks dad) Maybe, thanks to the magic of Netflix, I can revisit that one soon!


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