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Friday, March 30, 2012

Mega Millions: That $640 million pot could help a lot

OK, so I bought a ticket.
It was only a buck.
Did I simply fall for the amazing power of the line "You can't win if you don't play."
And the wonderful staff at the Krauszer's in West Haven (near corner Forest Road) did not even laugh at me.
Heck, they had already sold an estimated 1,500 tickets by the time I walked in and bought one.
Why do we do this when - and I am just quoting news I heard on the radio - we are more likely to get hit by lighting than to win this ridiculously big $640 million jackpot.
(One of my students told me we are actually more likely to get hit by lighting on the same day than to win this prize)
So why do we play?
Fantasy, I suspect.
The best part for me is that the fantasies I have been overhearing are from people who would have one big idea in mind for all that money: Helping others.
So my advice to the person who wins? Forget the Ferraris, reject the Rolex and demand no diamonds.
People are what is important.

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