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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ann Curry: She's a pro and a nice person too

I always thought Ann Curry was a pro: smart, good questions, poise, grace under pressure. If I were to to be a TV journo, her style is the one I would have chosen.
Guess it would not have been such a great choice as everyone is reporting that she's on her way out of the 'Today' show on NBC. Here's a story about it in Forbes.
I think that stinks.
But there is more than her on-air talent that attracts me to Ann.
I "met" her a few years ago on a trip to see my sister in Denver.
I say "met" because it was much less than that.
Ann walked by me in the airport in Denver, and on an impulse I called out to her.
She was alone and dragging her wheeled suitcase across the terminal just like the rest of us. I was with my daughter Kiley.
Ann turned and stopped to chat with us.
I was honest, explaining I was a journo too and a big fan and just wanted to say "hi." (Dork? Yup.)
She could not have been nicer. In a kind moment she told my daughter that Kiley should be "proud" of me for be willing to call out and say "hello" to a stranger in an airport.
I always thought that was funny, as here was a celebrity journalist lauding me behavior that was not quite boorish.
So thanks Ann for that cute moment, it left me with an even stronger feeling that I want to be just like you.

Photo credit: Associated Press


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