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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Trying ancient grains

My latest issue of Vegetarian Times had an interesting article on "Amazing Grains." Interested in trying something new, I decided to pick up one of the grains it mentioned, amaranth, on my trip to the grocery store today. It was a little hard to find - I mentioned "amaranth" to two store employees, who said they hadn't heard of it. But I eventually found something close - "Ancient Grains - Nature's Earthly Choice, Heritage Grain Blend" at Stop & Shop in the International Grain aisle, top row. The package included amaranth and several other grains. The magazine has several recipes to go with the article, and used eggplant, tomatoes and mozzarella with amaranth. 
In preparing our similar dinner, (I didn't have all the ingredients) I prepared the grains according to the package directions - and it was ready in 20 minutes. I then sauteed tomatoes and mushrooms in olive oil. I mixed the prepared grains with half a jar of basil pesto. In a baking pan, I put the tomatoes and mushrooms, then covered them with the pesto/grain mixture. I put sliced mozzarella balls on top, sprinkled it with parsley and baked the whole thing at 350 degrees for about ten minutes. Dinner was ready in about half an hour.
My husband was a bit skeptical at first;  he looked at the Ancient Grains bag and declared that it looked like "bird seed." But he polished off the dish I made, and even had seconds. I liked it too, and will be making it again.
Check out the Vegetarian Times web site here. Check out the Nature's Earthly Choice's web site here.
What grains do you recommend?

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