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Friday, March 23, 2012

Kardashian not a crybaby

OK, so I'm not a Kardashian watcher.
I have glimpsed the show, I admit, but my offspring who had it on in my house shall remained unnamed.
Sorry, Kardashians, no offense, but I'm just not a reality TV kind of gal.
None of us however, are outside the orbit of knowing this family is big news.
So of course when Kim Kardashian got hit with a flour bomb Friday, according to numerous news reports, including the Associated Press, it spread fast.
And according to a Reuters story, this is a trend, this throwing of things at people. Whatever your view is on any issue, we should not throw things at each other. Not nice, I say.
But it is Kim Kardashian's reaction I am commenting here on.
The AP story says she cleaned the flour off and went back to her event.
To that I say: Well done you. I am not so sure grace under pressure would have been possible for me in that circumstance.
Video courtesy The Hollywood Gossip

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